Workout Tips for the Perpetual Walker

As a trainer, I get asked for work out tips all the time. “What work out is best to slim down?” “What workout tips can you give me to tone up?”; “… for flat abs”; “huge pecs”; “bigger biceps”? I get them all. One interesting question I get asked a lot is from people who use walking as their only form of exercise. The question is usually some deviation of “how come I can’t seem to tone the muscles in my legs? I’m always active. I’m always working out. I walk 2 or 3 miles every day!” That’s usually when I say “Well, that’s your problem right there”.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I’m against walking as a form of calorie burning. On the contrary; many overweight people have lost a lot of weight with the proper diet and adding walking to their daily work out regimen. Remember Jared, the Subway guy? He lost a bunch of weight doing just that.

The “work out problem” that I’m talking about is the monotony of walking two or three miles each day and expecting to see drastic results. That’s just not going to happen. Of course you’ll burn calories and get your blood circulating, but the human body adapts quickly to the intensity (or lack thereof) of a two-mile stroll. You need to progress your body in your workouts in order to see any real, viable results. To be really honest, your work out should be supplemented by walking – walking should not be the main feature – especially as we get older and our bones become more fragile. It basically becomes essential for us to incorporate some sort of resistance training.

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