How to Get Muscle – Tips For a Good Fitness Workout

Roll up your sleeves and prepare to perspire. Now you are ready for action strenuous, stimulating, sweating, sensible, safe action.

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Having chosen a sport either from the vantage point of an armchair or from the experience of past and present preferences, you are now ready to train for fitness workout -not for competition. The pointers which follow bear the stamp of approval of time, experience, and medical research. But they are intended only as aids to attain and maintain fitness and good shape. Training for fitness differs radically from training for competition.

Always Plan a definite time for the fitness workout and stick to it!

Frame of mind determines the approach to each workout. Some days you will scarcely be able to wait for routine chores to pass until the athletic appointment you have made in your busy schedule arrives.

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Participation on those days is easy. Other days you will dread the oncoming date and will think up a dozen excuses to justify the inopportunity of the hour. If it has been a hard day at the office and a belt of Old Bushmill on the rocks sounds inviting, if the boss wants a report on some godforsaken uranium stock before the market opens tomorrow, or if you really should drive your partner downtown to do their important shopping, it is easy to rationalize away the workout.

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