Epidural Steroid Injections

The one word there I’m sure you understand is Injections, medicine pushed in with a syringe. You need to know a little more.

“Epidural” means outside the Dura. That is the thick, tough, fibrous tube that surrounds the spinal cord and the nerves inside the spine Mk 677 for sale. In adults the spinal cord ends at the upper edge of the second lumbar vertebral body (high in the small of the back) and a loose bundle of nerves descends below it. All of this is inside the spine, in the spinal canal. The epidural space is just outside the dura. Medicines injected there either diffuse through the dura one molecule at a time, or spread around it to get to the nerves.

Steroid means a corticosteroid drug, something with effects like cortisone.

These injections are done under local anesthesia and usually under x-ray guidance. When the needle is properly placed the medicine is injected and the needle is removed Lgd 4033 for sale. That’s all for that day.

The biggest problem with these injections is that they often don’t relieve your pain. Some doctors recommend a series of three of these, fairly close together, perhaps a week apart.

I have a problem with that idea. My experience has shown me that if the first injection doesn’t work, the second or third is not likely to work either Mk 2866 for sale. I personally think that physicians who recommend these injections in series of three are more interested in their bank accounts than in patient benefit.